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Patty Jenkins

Lindy Hemming

For Wonder Woman’s iconic armour, we worked with designer Lindy Hemming to refine and modify the design whilst keeping as faithful as possible to the original version created by Michael Wilkinson for Batman V Superman. Starting by taking high resolution 3D scans of our lead actor, we re-worked the digital designs to incorporate subtle aesthetic changes and modifications for fit and comfort.


Although the final suit remains true to the BvS version, virtually every part of it was modified and re-cast. Our aim was to make the suit as lightweight and flexible as possible, so dozens of different materials were tested to find the perfect combination. Finally, the suit needed to have a completely realistic metal finish, so we developed a new technique that allowed an actual metal plating to be applied without affecting the armours flexibility.


Another challenge was to re-create the Amazon warrior designs produced by Lindy's in-house team and manufacture them in lightweight, stunt safe materials. Manufactured in large numbers, each design was replicated completely faithfully, reproducing every detail, texture and surface finish precisely, allowing our in-house art finishing team to really show off their skills. 

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