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(2015) - 20th Century Fox


Ridley Scott

Janty Yates

Costume designer Janty Yates wanted to create truly believable spacesuits to match this film's near future, science-based feel. With the help of NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, much research was done into real spacesuits and future Mars mission suits. Our task was to create believable hardware for the two types of spacesuits used in the film. We wanted to utilise modern technology to make the suits look as real and detailed as possible, in keeping with Janty's designs.


Starting with scans of our actors, the helmets and various suit hardware components were meticulously 3D modelled by our digital team. Special attention was paid to the space helmets, creating inner and outer lighting components, air ducts and fan pathways to guide the flow of air into the helmets. Each helmet required dozens of separate mating components to be modelled.


Once 3D printed and moulded, the final suit pieces were manufactured by vacuum casting, making detailed, lightweight and incredibly robust parts. The finished suits also featured remotely controlled multi-channel lighting and a system to pump breathable air from the back packs into the helmets.

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